So here I am. 34 years old with an awesome 8 year old daughter and a fantastic 11 month old son and a wonderful husband. I feel alone, isolated and stressed despite my wonderful friends and family. I’ve read and watched “Eat, pray,love”. I’ve read and watched “Wild”. They do not help. I don’t want to escape my life. I like my life. I honestly don’t know why I feel the way I do (current political fiasco aside). I grew up as a military brat, moving to a new state just about every 4 years. I loved it. I loved meeting new people and learning how to fit in each time. I thrived in the adventure of it. I loved getting to try a new life and then at the end of four years it was time for a new one. If it took longer than that for whatever reason then I would find myself distancing myself from the place that I was in. I would find myself growing bored. Now as an adult I find myself in that bored place. I have been living in TN for 9 years and while I really do have a freedom that few have , I feel I have squandered it.


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